EXCLUSIVE preview: Marvel brings back the funny with Not Brand Ecch!

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Oct 20, 2017, 7:45 PM EDT

It's the book NO ONE demanded, but you're gettin' it anyway.

As part of the Marvel Legacy initiative, the House of Ideas is bringing back one of its more offbeat and fondly remembered titles ... Not Brand Ecch! On Nov. 15, Issue #14 of the self-parodying series will return Forbush Man to his rightful place of barely-there prominence in the Marvel U. And in case you're wondering, yes, this is following Legacy's classic numbering formula; the original series only lasted 13 issues, coming to an end in 1969.


The book's unconventional name is a play on an old advertising ploy at the time, where competitors were called "Brand X." DC Comics was often referred to as "Brand Ecch" in letters pages of Silver Age Marvels, hence the title.

Writers such as Nick Spencer (Secret Empire, Captain America), Katie Cook (Star Wars), Chris Hastings (Gwenpool), and many more are taking shots at their own work, as well as Marvel itself in Issue #14. SYFY WIRE has an exclusive sneak peek at three pages from the comic, which will give you a pretty good idea that the Not Brand Ecch revival will stick to the tried-and-true formula of poking fun at some of the funny, silly, and inane aspects of comics. The controversial "Cap is a Hydra agent" arc and Gwenpool's mega-popularity are both fair game here. The revival of Forbush Man is also particularly entertaining.

Check out this first look, then hit the comments to let us know what you think!