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Exclusive preview: Meet the cadets of Pacific Rim Uprising

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Mar 12, 2018, 3:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Pacific Rim Uprising is poised to muscle its way into theaters on March 23 and from what we've witnessed in the storm of teasers, spots, and trailers, this follow-up to Guillermo del Toro's original 2013 Pacific Rim is going to make a mighty mark.

Set ten years after the deep sea Breach belched out behemoth creatures to prey upon humanity, Pacific Rim Uprising follows Stacker Pentecost's (Idris Elba) rebellious son Jake (John Boyega) as he and his valiant jaeger pilot cadets do battle with a terrifying new wave of colossal creatures.


Directed by Steven S. DeKnight, this $150 million sequel boasts a battle royale of mechs vs. monsters action in the glare of daylight that demonstrates just how this sci-fi spectacle might gobble up the box office with its thunderous imprint.

Check out this exclusive featurette spotlighting Scott Eastwood, John Boyega, Levi Meaden, Mackenyu Maeda, and Cailee Spaeny as they deliver a rowdy preview of the killer kaiju fest and its themes of unified effort and empowerment against all odds.

Mount up and tell us if you're planning on stomping into theaters for Legendary Pictures' Pacific Rim Uprising when it lands on March 23.

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