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The Chronicles of Corum (image via Titan Comics)

Exclusive preview: Mount up for Titan's new Chronicles of Corum graphic novel

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Feb 13, 2018, 7:30 PM EST

The rousing sword and sorcery genre has made a remarkable return in movies, TV, books, video games, comics, and even mobile apps. From Game of Thrones to Clash of Clans, everyone seems to be raising a shield for fantasy sagas and historical adventures in every medium.

But long before the genre's renaissance, acclaimed British author Michael Moorcock's (Elric of Melnibone) legendary 1971 book trilogy and comic run from the late '80s, The Chronicles of Corum, embraced the best of these swashbuckling odysseys with every brave cavalry charge and glint of sharpened steel.


First Comics initially adapted the first of Moorcock's magical series in 1987/88, bringing to vivid life The Knight of the Swords, The Queen of the Swords, and The King of the Swords using the dynamic art of Hellboy's Mike Mignola and story interpretation by Mike Baron in a sensational 12-issue cycle.

Now Titan Comics is restoring the full glory of The Chronicles of Corum in a deluxe new 112-page graphic novel release galloping into comic shops on Feb. 13.


Here's the official synopsis:

The Chronicles of Corum Vol. 1 - The Knight Of The Swords comes with an exclusive introduction by acclaimed writer Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, Superman).

Hellboy creator and artist Mike Mignola, Batman artist Kelley Jones and Eisner award-winning writer Mike Baron bring Michael Moorcock’s timeless story of order versus chaos to vivid life in this brand-new hardcover collection.

Prince Corum Jhaelen embarks on an epic journey of fate and vengeance through all the fifteen planes of Earth, even to the very center of time – the still, blue city of Tanelorn. Mike Baron’s take on the stunning blend of magic, heroism and wonder by acclaimed writer Michael Moorcock.

To help celebrate this new edition to their Library Series, Titan has released a special Michael Moorcock video interview, with the award-winning sci-fi and fantasy author sharing his thoughts on comic book adaptations of his best-selling novels.


Listen to Moorcock's illuminating comments above, then check out our 7-page preview, including several exclusive pages in the full gallery below, then tell us if you'll dash into your favorite retailer when The Chronicles of Corum attacks on Feb. 13.