Exclusive Preview: Nightwing #11 from writer Tim Seeley

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT (Updated)

Remember when, following that battle with Raptor in the previous story arc, former Boy Wonder Dick Grayson headed to Blüdhaven for a much-needed break? Not so much. Instead, he had to face off against a band of reject Bat-villains run out of Gotham.

Now, with Nightwing Issue 11 dropping on Dec. 21, Nightwing has to deal with the Run-Offs -- superbads who have it in for our hero -- while also pursuing a serial killer terrorizing the city in "Bludhaven," part two.

But you're in for an early Christmas present because we're showing off some pages below from the issue before you can pick it up on Wednesday. Also, writer Tim Seeley answered some quick exclusive preview questions about #11. See what he has to say, then grab Nightwing #11 this week, which is published by DC Comics, written by Seeley, with art and cover by Marcus To and variant cover by Oclair Albert and Ivan Reis.

Set up the action in this issue, and why it's one to pick up?

Tim Seeley: This issue introduces the Run-Offs, who I think are gonna be fan-favorites -- a collection of second-rate supervillains trying to make up for their crimes.

What is your favorite panel/page/line in this issue?

Seeley: I like Page 2 a lot, as it's a flashback to the "origin" of the Defacer, and we get to see the Pigeon, who I think is a pretty great concept for a villian.

Tease how this might set up the next issue.

Seeley: This issue sets up that there's a conspiracy in Blüdhaven that's quickly pulling Dick along. We're building a world here in this new version of Nightwing's city, and every issue shows us more dark corners!