Exclusive preview of Before Watchman's eagerly awaited Dr. Manhattan comic

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

We've already seen what The Comedian and Rorschach and a few other Watchmen heroes were up to before we met them in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' classic miniseries—but what about Dr. Manhattan? Well, he's the star of the last of the seven comics in the interconnected Before Watchmen series, and we've got the first look right here.

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan, which goes on sale August 22, is written by J. Michael Straczynski, with art by Adam Hughes. In addition to the lead story exploring the quantum physics of Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan and expanding on the Watchmen universe, the book will also include the continuing two-page backup story Curse of the Crimson Corsair, written and drawn by original series colorist John Higgins.

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1 will be available Wednesday for $3.99, but you can get a sneak peek below.