Exclusive preview: Rogue & Gambit #3 explores the couple's past as a new mystery unfolds

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Mar 10, 2018, 8:16 PM EST (Updated)

The X-Men have sent Rogue and Gambit undercover to a tropical paradise so they can investigate the disappearance of several mutants. Their cover? They're going through couples therapy... which isn't that far-fetched, as Rogue and Gambit have been off- and on-again lovers for years. But Gambit's been a lot more eager to renew their relationship than Rogue, and it's been a tense trip so far. Rogue & Gambit #3 will take those complications to the next level.


In the previous issue of their titular miniseries, Rogue and Gambit made some breakthroughs as they recounted the first time they ever met each other. And it seemed to rekindle some of their old feelings. At the same time, they uncovered the first real clues about Lavish, the villain behind the mutant abductions. But when we catch up to the duo in Rogue & Gambit #3, neither of our heroes seems to remember any of that.


Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez have thrown a new complication in Rogue and Gambit's quest. Their minds have clearly been tampered with, but they've never been happier, and they may even be falling back in love. However, the shadow of their previous mistakes still lingers over them as their therapy brings up another traumatic episode from their past.


Gambit and Rogue are veteran heroes at this point, so they have both noticed that something is wrong with their memories. Unfortunately, they're just too happy to care about any of that and they barely remember why they came in the first place.


However, they won't be able to remain safe from Lavish's ambitions. And it may already be too late to save two of their new friends from the darkness hanging over the island.


Rogue & Gambit #3 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, March 7.