Exclusive preview: Rogue & Gambit #4 finds the power couple in dire straights

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Mar 29, 2018, 8:57 PM EDT (Updated)

Long after they had seemingly split up for good, Rogue and Gambit are in love again. And it’s all thanks to Dr. Grand’s therapy sessions and her tropical paradise getaway. Grand may be secretly evil and complicit in the disappearance and death of mutants, but we can’t argue with success! Would go again.

In fact, Rogue and Gambit have gone through the cycle of discovering Grand’s plans over and over again, only to have their minds wiped by Lavish, a new villain who seems to feed on their powers and memories.

It's gotten to the point that the title heroes can barely remember why they came to the island, and their powers have become unreliable and weak. Check out our exclusive preview of Rogue & Gambit #4 below...


After a harrowing battle royale with duplicates of themselves, Rogue and Gambit are once again captives of Lavish, who plans to drain them once and for all. But they aren't going to go silently!


In this double page spread, we finally see how the Rogue and Gambit duplicates are being created, as Lavish draws upon one of the couple’s earliest memories (from the Jim Lee X-Men run) and gives them physical form. The rest of the duplicates don’t appear to have much will of their own, but the real Gambit is far from finished.


There is an upside to Lavish’s powers for the reunited couple. Their powers were so drained that Rogue could actually touch Gambit without harming him, which wasn’t the case for most of their courtship. Unfortunately, it’s also left them much weaker than before.


And now we can see what Lavish’s powers can do to someone who isn’t as powerful as either Rogue or Gambit. They’re in for the fight of their lives, and far from safe. 

Rogue & Gambit # 4 was written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Pere Perez. It will be released on Wednesday, Apr. 4.