Exclusive preview: Sinestro #21

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Mar 14, 2016, 5:31 PM EDT

After the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman have been enlisted to join the Sinestro Corps in a fight against The Paling, the final battle has arrived. But how will our yellow-ringed villain/anti-hero emerge on the other side? Moreover, will Sinestro's daughter, Soranik Natu, continue to stand alongside, or against, her mad father?

While I can't reveal everything, I can offer up a sneak peek at the first five pages of Sinestro #21, published by DC Comics, and available March 16, 2016. Written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Andrew Hennessy and Bradley Walker, the issue kicks off with Soranik questioning the role of her father, and the humans who thank her for their lives. As for the mustachioed-one, he is weakened, but not down for the count.

Check out the pages below before the entire issue is available this Wednesday.

The official synopsis:

The climactic battle between the Sinestro Corps and The Paling is here! Sinestro has bolstered the ranks of the Corps with some of Earth’s most powerful heroes and villains—but will that be enough to defeat a creature who is immune to the powers of the Yellow Rings? A new status quo for the Sinestro Corps begins here!