Exclusive preview: Suicide Squad #14 writer Rob Williams on burning down the house

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Harley vs. Deadshot? An insane showdown is in the works when our clown princess goes AWOL and heads off to pursue Rustam -- and his new chum, Floyd Lawton.

But things are just heating up in part four of the "Burning Down The House" arc in the pages of Suicide Squad #14. Writer Rob Williams joined me for a quick chat to set up the action in this penultimate installment of the story -- and to offer us a peek at the awesome John Romita Jr. art -- before it hits stands on March 22.

The issue is published by DC Comics, written by Williams, with art by Danny Miki and John Romita, Jr.; cover is by Danny Miki and John Romita Jr. and a variant cover by Lee Bermejo.

Set up the action in this issue, and why it's one to pick up?

Rob Williams: We left Suicide Squad #13 with a major cliffhanger and the potential death of one of our characters. #14 reveals what happened after we left off and deals with the emotional ramifications. For Harley, especially, things take a major turn here, pushing her to the forefront of the book. Waller has been assassinated, Deadshot has betrayed the Suicide Squad, and Rustam's assault on the world powers is playing out. Everything's in danger of falling apart. And now it's up to Harley to pull the pieces together.

And we have John Romita Jr and Eddy Barrows on art. Suicide Squad is one of the best-looking comics on the shelves.

What is your favorite panel/page/line in this issue?

"I like a drink as much as the next man. If the next man is AC/DC's tour manager in the 1970s." - Boomerang.

Tease how this might set up the next issue.

#15 is the finale of our "Burning Down The House" arc, and the final page of #14 shows that not all has been as it seemed throughout this storyline. It wouldn't be a Suicide Squad story without big twists, brutal action and betrayals. They're all on show here.

Check out our exclusive preview of Suicide Squad #14 below, and if you dig what you see, pick it up when it drops tomorrow!