Exclusive preview: Superman #20 writer Peter Tomasi sets up a new threat for the Kent family

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Apr 3, 2017

In the opening panels of Superman #20, things seem idyllic for the Kent family of Hamilton County. Following the events of the "Superman Reborn," they've certainly deserved some downtime. But, this being comics, that's not going to last.

Instead, in the new issue available April 5, the family plans to head back to Metropolis, but something won't let them leave. Plus, Batman and Robin show up to reveal that Superboy's powers are slowly disappearing.

To get the low-down on what's afoot, writer Peter J. Tomasi hit me up with a couple of teases about the new story arc, "Superman Black," and set up what might be in store. Check out what he had to say, take a gander at the gorgeous art in an exclusive preview below, and, if you feel super-excited about it, pick up Superman #20 on Wednesday.

Set up the action in this issue and why it's one to pick up.

Peter Tomasi: We're coming right out of "Superman Reborn" and honestly, there's no let-up for the Kents. Just when they thought everything is falling into place after the recent shake-up, they're going to realize a huge threat is looming to shake them to the core.

What is your favorite panel/page/line in this issue?

Tomasi: Tough question; there's so many I can't pick just one. It's funny, as much as I love action, I find myself really loving the small human moments that Pat Gleason brings to life, so much emotion and subtlety that stick with you long after the issue is over. I will say there is a splash page where some food is being shared that continues to put a smile on my face. Pat and the rest of the team are kicking serious ass on every aspect of the art side with Mick Gray, John Kalisz and Rob Leigh.

Tease how this might set up the next issue.

Tomasi: Let's just say Batman and milk don't mix and leave it at that.

Superman #20 is published by DC Comics and written by Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi; art by Mick Gray and Patrick Gleason with a cover by Patrick Gleason and variant cover by Tony S. Daniel.

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