Action Comics #1005 Cover Unlettered
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Action Comics #1005 Cover Unlettered by Ryan Sook and Brad Anderson

Exclusive Preview: Superman's first encounter with the Red Cloud and Bendis hints at future project with Ryan Sook

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Nov 27, 2018, 2:49 PM EST

Brian Michael Bendis' first run on Action Comics is heating up, with DC Comics' Wednesday release of issue #1005 expected to ignite because it is loaded with hints about future plot points, terrific twists and one major reveal. It is written by Bendis, with art by Ryan Sook, colors by Ryan Anderson and letters by Josh Reed. 

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive preview of five pages, pulled from the middle of Action Comics #1005. In it, we see Superman taking to the streets of Metropolis when he is suddenly assaulted by the Red Cloud.

Action Comics #1005 Preview 3

Action Comics #1005 Preview 3 by Ryan Sook and Brad Anderson

There is a mystery as to whom the Red Cloud is. He or she is one of the new villains that Bendis is introducing and it has been taking out mobsters. Does that mean the Red Cloud is a vigilante? No, not when the mobsters are winding up dead.

In the early pages, readers will be reacquainted with the H-Dial device which grants its holder temporary random superpowers and is from the series Dial H for Hero, that has been reimagined a number of times, with the last revival occurring during the New 52 initiative. Dial H for Hero will be launched next as a part of Bendis' new Wonder Comics imprint of DCU titles geared at young adult readers by writer Sam Humphries (Harley Quinn) and artist Joe Quinones (Black Canary/Zatanna) but there were a list of reasons why the H-Dial was brought back here.

"There was a magical moment when you’re crafting a scene and you realize the Question is beating people up because of the H-Dial," Bendis tells SYFY WIRE. "It was the most 70’s Action Comics scene ever, in Action Comics that didn’t involve Superman."

"It also gave us an opportunity to reach those who don’t know what the dial is, and re-introduce the H-Dial and why it would be a macguffin in the DC Universe and a big one, right? People are constantly looking for elements of power, this is a low hanging fruit if someone has this thing. So it was fun. People ask if Wonder Comics was is going to be in continuity, so this is my way of saying, ‘Oh, it is. It definitely is!’"

One of the most requested characters Bendis has received for Action Comics is the Question. But while fans on Twitter were hoping he'd do their bidding, he was way ahead of them. 

"There’s always a long list of characters that people want you to write but it’s not necessarily at that moment, what you have the passion for or feel you have a take for. So it's great when at least part of the audience’s passion meets your passion. Now, people will be interested to know if this is just a cameo, but this is actually the first part of a much larger role for the Question."

Action Comics #1005 Preview 4

Action Comics #1005 Preview 4 by Ryan Sook and Brad Anderson

Sook's art really does stand out in this issue, especially in the way the second half builds towards the reveal. This is Bendis and Sook's second of three issues together and they'll begin work on a top secret project.

"What you’re seeing here is the building blocks of what I consider to be a major collaboration in my life," Bendis teased. "From these issues [of Action Comics], you can see from the get-go how special it is to work with him."

Wait, a big project with Ryan Sook? It couldn’t involve anyone who is in this current arc, by chance? Perhaps a Question project?

“No.” Bendis quickly struck down. “Dun-dun-dunnnn!”

Let the speculation begin on what that project will be, but while you do, check out SYFY WIRE's exclusive five-page preview of the Red Cloud taking on Superman and let us know who you think it is behind the mist? Then track down Action Comics #1005 at a local comic shop near you, or in digital formats. Read it and then come back here where we will talk to Bendis all about the reveal.