Exclusive Preview: The Expanse: Origins #1 comic tie-in

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:14 AM EDT (Updated)

The story of conspiracy and impending war between Earth, Mars and the Belt -- with the crew of the Rocinante caught in the middle -- continues tonight on the back-to-back Season 2 premiere of The Expanse on Syfy. But what's the story before the story?

That's where The Expanse: Origins comes in. The new four-issue comic book tie-in from Boom! Studios and Alcon Entertainment, available exclusively on ComiXology, tells the tales of the Rocinante crew before we meet up with them on the Canterbury. Based on the books of James S.A. Corey, Origins kicks off its first issue with a look at James Holden's time in the Navy before ending up on the ice-hauling vessel.

The issue -- written by Hallie Lambert and Georgia Lee, with art by Huang Danlan and Triona Farrell -- is available today. And to give you a taste, Syfy Wire has an exclusive look at The Expanse: Origins #1 below with a peek at the first four pages. 

Check out the preview, and if you want more, grab the issue over at ComiXology ... and stay tuned for issue #2, which focuses on Naomi Nagata. And don't forget to watch the second season premiere of The Expanse tonight at 10PM!