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Exclusive Preview: Titan's new steampunk fantasy, Newbury & Hobbes: The Undying

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Jun 27, 2018, 7:48 PM EDT

UK-based author George Mann's series of Newbury & Hobbes mystery sci-fi novels are practically a literary institution in England and America, with ten years of dashing, old-fashioned steampunk-style sleuthing in gloomy British boulevards already in print.

Starting with 2008's The Affinity Bridge, this addictive five-book collection features the daring exploits of special agent Sir Maurice Newbury, gentleman investigator for the crown, and his feisty female assistant Miss Veronica Hobbes.


For the tenth anniversary of the beloved Newbury & Hobbes series, Titan Comics is releasing a brand-new comic book adventure this fall from Mann (Dark Souls, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000), who delivers this extraordinary world to comics for the first time in Newbury & Hobbes: The Undying #1.

Mann is paired with artist Dan Boultwood (Hope Falls, It Came), who brings a dark Disney-esque flair to these spooky capers and diabolical crimesolving in the murkier lands of Victorian England.

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“Monsters, foggy old London town, steam-powered vehicles, masked subterfuge, fine suits and ladies bustles, all the things I love to draw are in Newbury & Hobbes,” artist Dan Boultwood explained to Titan. “This book has been a lot of fun to work on. As a fan of the novels I've loved being able to be a part of bringing one of their stories to visual life, and it's a great story!”

This celebrated new title will also contain installments of a fresh Newbury & Hobbes prose short story written by George Mann in each issue.

“I’m overjoyed to be bringing Newbury & Hobbes to comics for their 10th Anniversary year, and in particular to be working with Dan Boultwood to do it," series creator George Mann told SYFY WIRE. "His stunning artwork has really brought their world to life. Monsters in the sewers, rogue agents and a fiendish plot to disgrace the monarch – don’t miss the thrilling return of one of Newbury and Veronica’s most terrifying villains, Dr. Aubrey Knox!”

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Newbury & Hobbes: The Undying #1 arrives in comic shops and digital retailers for September 2018 and showcases a trio of atmospheric covers by Boultwood, Chris Wildgoose (Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale, Batgirl) and Arianna Florean (Assassin’s Creed, Star Trek: Spock: Reflections).

I heartily nominate Mann's absorbing steampunk series for an immediate live-action or animated feature film adaptation! What say you?

Step inside our exclusive 6-page peek at this jaunty new fantasy title from Titan, then chime in and let us know if you'll join the chase when Newbury & Hobbes: The Undying #1 lands this fall.