Exclusive preview: Trinity artist Clay Mann teases Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman are 'better together'

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

"If you've been reading the first two issues, you'll know why you have to pick it up" Trinity #3, said artist Clay Mann about the big issue featuring DC Comics' big three. 

If you haven't been reading, it's not too late to jump into the action of this comic, which drops Nov. 16, 2016. With a "new" Superman in the Rebirth-ized version of the DCU, the trio of him, Wonder Woman, and Batman traveled from Metropolis to Gotham City for an exploration of the forces that kicked off their hero careers. But as they grapple with the bonds of friendship, the DC trinity also faced down the power of temptation, and encountered the evil White Mercy.

Written by Francis Manapul, with art and cover by Mann, and variant cover art by Steve Epting, Trinity #3 teases that White Mercy has our heroes "in its terrifying grasp!"

"But who would dare to orchestrate this attack—and why?" the publisher asks. "All will be revealed as the three most powerful heroes in the DC Universe fight for their very souls!"

As for Mann, he promises that, "Francis' story is amazing and you’ll get the Trinity in the streets of Gotham with some pretty crazy things happening." And, he adds, "there’s a few scenes I got to draw, some with a young Bruce Wayne, that I really enjoyed more then I thought."

Check out our exclusive preview of Trinity #3 before you can pick up the book on Nov. 16.