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Exclusive Preview: Two Picards battle in IDW's Star Trek: TNG - Through The Mirror #5

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:02 AM EDT (Updated)

IDW has been soaring into deep space with its Star Trek: The Next Generation comic mini-series since 2007 and doubled down for the 30th anniversary of the seminal TV series last year.

SYFY WIRE is proud to reveal a sneak peek into the mini-major's most recent bold journey into the Mirror Universe as TNG crews from disparate dimensions converge in a final freaky confrontation.


The latest chapter in the continued stellar adventures of Captain Picard and his intrepid Starfleet crew is a trippy cross-dimensional jaunt into the reflective realm titled Star Trek: The Next Generation - Through The Mirror. Debuting back in early May, IDW Publishing's five-week event release is a sequel to the breakout mini-series Mirror Broken! and showcases the Mirror Universe's Next Generation crew as they cross over to the Prime Star Trek Universe to hunt down new planets to dominate.

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Smartly written by David and Scott Tipton, the same creative team on Mirror Broken!, and spotlighting striking artwork from Debora Carita and J.K. Woodward, the electrifying finale revolves around Captain Picard attempting to dislodge his Mirror counterpart's brutal quest for galactic domination.

The Mirror Universe was a favorite playground of the writers' room from the days of Star Trek: The Original Series since it was first introduced in the episode "Mirror, Mirror" and its evil Terran Empire, sinister goatees, and muscle shirts. This dark reflection of the Prime Universe was also explored and depicted in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise, and the new Star Trek: Discovery.

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Check out our 6-page peek into the climactic chapter of this strangely shattered reality and tell us if you'll follow IDW into the summer with more Mirror Universe madness.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Through the Mirror #5 beams into comic shops on May 30.

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