Exclusive preview: Vampirella: The Dynamite Years

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Oct 3, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

Vampirella, the blood-drinking beauty from the planet Drakulon, has been haunting the pages of comic books since her provocative 1969 premiere in Warren Publishing's Vampirella #1.

Created by Forrest J. Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins, the voluptuous alien vamp eventually learned she was a member of the Vampiri race and the supernatural offspring of the biblical Lilith, the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Drakulon was later designated not as another strange world spinning in outer space, but a secret kingdom located inside the steamy borders of Hell.


Dynamite Entertainment scored the license to produce volumes of more Vampirella tales back in 2010 and has been steadily pumping out her chilling adventures for the past seven years, featuring an all-star roster of creative talent.

Following today's release of their The Best of Vampirella Masters Series, showcasing some of the best Vampirella stores of the past decade, Dynamite is presenting a new retrospective titled Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Vol. 1. A second collection is due in January 2018.

This 568-page edition gathers up the finest adventures of the naughty nosferatu while under the watchful guidance of Dynamite, written by Vampi favorites like Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, and Mark Rahner and spotlighting the soul-stirring pencils of Wagner Reis, Fabiano Neves, Walter Geovani, Heubert Khan Michael, Johnny Desjardins, Jose Malaga, Patrick Berkenkotter, Eman Casallos, and Ilias Kyriazis.

Here's the official description:

In 2010, Dynamite Entertainment reintroduced readers to Vampirella, the most iconic heroine in the history of horror comics! Now, for the first time ever, the raven-haired monster hunter's one-woman war on evil is collected in a massive Omnibus edition, an epic compendium of mystery, mayhem, and the macabre!

In hot pursuit of the infamous Vlad Dracula, Vampirella discovers a far-reaching conspiracy far deadlier than the Lord of the Undead himself. Thrill to the action and intrigue with three complete storylines: "Crown of Worms", "A Murder of Crows", and "Throne of Skulls", comprising issues #1-20 of the ongoing Dynamite comic book series, plus bonus stories originally presented in the first two Vampirella Annuals.

Flap into our exclusive 22-page preview of this new Omnibus offering from Dynamite and tell us if you'll add her to you fall reading list when Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Vol.1 struts into comic shops and book retailers on November 1.