Exclusive preview: Wonder Woman #43

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:18 AM EDT (Updated)

Comic book fans who have been following along with the story of Wonder Woman—and her twin brother, Jason—can officially get a look at the first pages of the upcoming Wonder Woman #43 before it hits shelves next week.

In this issue, which is the third part of the "Amazons Attacked" storyline, Jason's made a wary ally of Steve Trevor—who, true to form, is rather protective of Diana, and with good reason. When Jason mysteriously vanished three issues prior, he returned in Wonder Woman #42 sporting a shiny suit of armor with no memory of how he got it. Gee, that doesn't sound fishy at all.

According to the official synopsis of Wonder Woman #43, Diana may not be feeling too trustworthy herself, especially when it comes to allowing Jason to be reunited with their birth mother. Can you blame her?

All his life, Wonder Woman’s brother Jason has longed to meet his mother, Hippolyta, but the machinations of the gods have made it impossible.

But now, with the barrier between worlds at its thinnest, could they come face to face at last? Should Wonder Woman help him return home, if it could lead to the destruction of the Amazons?

Wonder Woman #43, written by James Robinson with art by Steven Segovia, will be released on Wednesday, March 28. Check out the first six pages of the issues, as well as covers by Paul Renaud and Jenny Frison, in the gallery below.

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