Michael Cray #8 Cover
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Michael Cray #8 Cover by Denys Cowan and Bill Seinkiewicz

Exclusive Preview: Wonder Woman is the latest to get the villain treatment in Michael Cray #8

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Jun 11, 2018, 5:52 PM EDT

In the first seven issues of DC Comics' Michael Cray, Oliver Queen hunts down humans for sport on his private island, Barry Allen is a schizophrenic corrupt police officer, and Arthur Curry is a sea god who takes human sacrifices in exchange to reward a seaboard town with blackmarket fish. Writer Bryan Hill and the art team of N. Steven Harris and Dexter Vines have re-imagined the Justice League heroes as small-time metahuman threats that must be dealt with quickly and quietly. It is part of Warren Ellis' overhaul of the Wildstorm, who oversees the entire pop-up imprint and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. 

For comic book historians, Michael Cray is the real name of the soldier who was once known as Deathblow, in the Punisher-mold, who looks to kill those who deserve it. Ellis' fresh take though is that Cray's brain tumor is actually an alien life-form that talks to him in his subconscious. Internal Operations employs Cray to take out metahuman threats but not before getting as much information on their tech for their benefit. The big twist is that these metahumans are some very familiar names.

Jim Lee talks about the 25th Anniversary of Wildstorm and Warren Ellis curating the pop-up imprint.

SYFY Wire has the exclusive preview of Michael Cray #8 which picks up where issue #7 left off, with occultist and psychopath Dr. Jonathan Constantine PhD capturing Cray, thanks to the help of one Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman, who might be more than what Cray can handle himself.

Check out the preview pages below and let us know if you're reading Warren Ellis' new take on the Wildstorm titles.