Exclusive preview: X-Men Red #3 hints at Cassandra Nova's plans to destroy the team

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Apr 5, 2018, 8:40 PM EDT

Jean Grey is back from the dead, and you’d think she’d be used to it by now. As Phoenix, Jean had a reputation for cheating the reaper, but it was really her alter ego who died the first time. This is the only time Jean has actually died herself and stayed dead, until she recently got better. However, Jean isn’t satisfied with simply being alive again. She wants to save the world, and make things better for humans and mutants alike.

Unfortunately for Jean, she’s not the only who has recently escaped death’s grasp. Cassandra Nova, the insane and powerful twin sister of Charles Xavier, is also alive and actively working to destroy everything her brother stood for. To start her latest plan, Cassandra framed Jean for murder on national television, and forced her to go into exile. 

Now, in our exclusive preview for X-Men Red #3, we see Cassandra has been planning her next move for some time.  


There are a few things we can infer from these pages. This must have taken place recently, since the X-Men mansion is located in Central Park. We can also assume Cassandra Nova didn’t expect to be noticed, much less by one of the school’s latest students.


Here’s where things get tricky: It seems clear that one of Jean’s new teammates is being set up to betray her. At this point, we’re guessing Cassandra is implanting thoughts into either Nightcrawler or Gentle, a powerful mutant from Wakanda.


Finally, this double-page spread catches up with Jean and her new team as they attempt to rescue Trinary from anti-mutant forces in India. Considering the Sentinels are there, it’s not going to be easy!


Fortunately, Jean and her team have some backup on the way. Travis Charest’s cover kind of gives it away, so everyone should expect to see Gambit join in this issue.


X-Men Red #3 was written by Tom Taylor, with art by Mahmud Asrar. It will be released on Wednesday, Apr. 11.