Exclusive previews: Sonic: Mega Drive - The Next Level, and Overdrive

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Oct 27, 2016

Are you ready for another spin through the world of Sonic the Hedgehog? After publishing the official Sonic comics for more than 20 years, Archie Comics was back at it this past July with the first in a three-part series celebrating the hedgehog's 25th anniversary called Sonic: Mega Drive.

Telling a brand-new story of Sonic and friends, the fan response was great, leading to a sold-out book -- and now the oversized follow-up, Sonic: Mega Drive - The Next Level is dropping Nov. 2. But wait, there's more, as the final chapter of this series of one-shots, Overdrive, is coming out in March 2017.

In an Archie Comics press release, this is what we learned about The Next Level:

"The sequel to the hit Sonic: Mega Drive is here!  Picking up right where things left off Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose and Knuckles are on the hunt for the Ancient Gears and on the move to stop Dr. Eggman’s latest scheme!  But not everything runs like clockwork when Sonic breaks away to do his own thing.  And Dr. Eggman has a certain high-speed robot up his sleeve.  You can’t miss out on this exciting new installment in the Sonic Mega Drive series! Featuring cover art by mega-talent Tyson Hesse!"

So, then, what will Overdrive be about?

According to Sonic editor Vincent Lovallo, "Overdrive picks up right where The Next Level left off with Sonic and friends on the hunt for the mystical Chaos Emeralds."

"Their power is the only hope our heroes have at stopping Dr. Eggman's destructive Mega Drive weapon," added Lovallo. "Featuring a whopping 30 pages of story, the final chapter of the Mega Drive series arrives in comic shops March 2017. You won't wanna miss this epic conclusion celebrating 25 years of Sonic!"

Sonic: Mega Drive - The Next Level is available Nov. 2, 2016; it is written by Ian Flynn, with art by Tyson Hesse, Matt Herms and Jack Morelli, and cover by Tyson Hesse. Meanwhile 2017's Sonic: Mega Drive - Overdrive will also be written by Flynn, with art by Hesse, Herms and Morelli.

As if all this sonic news doesn't already have you stirring, check out the Blastr exclusive gallery below with four preview pages from The Next Level, along with the exclusive cover reveal of Sonic: Mega Drive - Overdrive.

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