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Riverdale Season 3 #1 main cover by Thomas Pitilli. Credit: Archie Comics

Exclusive: New Riverdale comic explores the Gryphons & Gargoyles mystery

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Dec 1, 2018, 2:07 PM EST (Updated)

As Riverdale's third season delves into the bizarre history of the Gryphons & Gargoyles game and its connection to creepy happenings around town, a new comic book tie-in series will help fill in the narrative. SYFY WIRE has the exclusive news that the new comic book Riverdale Season 3 will debut in March, with two original stories in each issue that line up directly with The CW's angsty, noir drama based on the Archie Comics characters.

Here's the official solicitation for Issue #1, which goes on sale March 13, 2019:

Take a deeper dive into some of the skeletons buried in and around Riverdale as well as hidden and unexpected connections to the Farm and the Game. Everyone is hiding something in this companion to the third season of the massive hit CW series Riverdale, by Scholastic writer Micol Ostow and Riverdale artists Thomas Pitilli and Joe Eisma.

On the TV show this fall, Betty and Jughead have been leading an investigation into the mysterious game of Gryphons & Gargoyles, which is essentially a live-action role-playing version of Dungeons & Dragons set in the realm of "Eldervair" (an anagram for Riverdale). Two of their classmates have already died in connection with the game, and in the recent Breakfast Club-esque flashback episode, it was revealed that the game was linked to a murder many years ago.


Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

The new comic follows up on a previous Riverdale book that Archie launched in 2017 and concluded earlier this year. Ostow is working with the show's writers' room to make sure her stories sync up with theirs. This isn't her first time working in this universe. Ostow has also written Riverdale: The Day Before, an upcoming prequel novel set just ahead of the TV show's pilot episode. Told from the points of view of the series' man players, it goes on sale Dec. 26.

Archie vets Pitilli and Eisma — who both worked on the previous Riverdale series — will each handle one of the stories in the book. They are joined by Andre Szymanowicz on colors and Janice Chiang and John Workman on letters. Pitilli created the main cover for the first issue, while Eisma did a variant cover.


Riverdale Season 3 #1 main cover by Thomas Pitilli. Credit: Archie Comics


Riverdale Season 3 #1 variant cover by Joe Eisma. Credit: Archie Comics