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Exclusive: Scott and David Tipton take Star Trek: The Next Generation Through the Mirror

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May 7, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT

Last year, writers Scott and David Tipton teamed up with artist J.K. Woodward for Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken, a comic book miniseries that chronicled the story of the Enterprise D's counterparts from the Mirror Universe. This year, the Tipton brothers are joining forces with several artists for Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through the Mirror, a weekly event miniseries that pits the Mirror crew against the crew from the prime universe.

The first issue, which came out last week, puts the focus on Worf as he comes across someone from the Mirror universe whom he recognized as crewman Jones from the Enterprise D ... except this version of Jones was attempting to steal something from a Federation facility. Worf also saw the alternate Jones with the Mirror Riker and Geordi as they beamed away. Now, in our exclusive preview for Through the Mirror #2, Worf catches up with the real crewman Jones, who has no idea why he's suddenly under suspicion.

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"Worf gets a big spotlight in the very first issue, mostly because we weren't able to use the character at all in the previous series, and it felt long overdue," said Scott Tipton while speaking to SYFY WIRE earlier this week. "There will definitely be more Worf," added David Tipton. "Also worth mentioning is the appearance of some TNG-era Andorians."

The Tiptons noted that the new miniseries takes place during the fourth season of TNG, and the first issue even had a nod to the crossover comic book story with Doctor Who. The first issue was also notable for keeping the Mirror Enterprise crew in the shadows without revealing how they became aware of their counterparts. It also begs the question of how they crossed over to the prime universe.

"Well, therein lies the tale, doesn't it?” asked Scott Tipton. "What I am at liberty to say is that it's possible that the Mirror crew is behaving with a bit more…subtlety than we've seen them exhibit in the past."

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While Mirror Barclay was the POV character of Broken Mirror, he has yet to appear in the current series. But according to the Tiptons, that will change.

"We won't see Barclay right away in the series, but when he does make his return, it'll be in a big, big way," related Scott Tipton.

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Chris Johnson is the artist for the second issue of Through the Mirror, but he's not the only illustrator on board this project. Woodward is returning for a backup tale about the potential survival of Emperor Spock from the original Mirror Universe episode. The Tiptons expressed their excitement about reuniting with Woodward and working with the rest of their artistic collaborators on this series.

"J.K. Woodward is working with us again on this series, with an ongoing backup story in each issue," noted David Tipton. "The artists for the individual issues are Chris Johnson, Marcus To, Josh Hood, Carlos Nieto, and Debora Carita. All of them did a great job in bringing something unique to this story!"

With the exception of J.K. and Josh Hood (who did the Loot Crate-exclusive Mirror Data story for us), all of these artists were brand-new collaborators for us, and we're so happy with all the work," added Scott Tipton. "Kudos to our editor Sarah Gaydos, who managed to find so many new artists for us so quickly."

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Both Tiptons shared their favorite Mirror Universe characters to write about, while offering up some potential faceoffs that may take place during the series.

“Mirror Picard is a surprisingly nuanced character; he’s perceptive and skilled at dealing with people in ways you might not expect,” shared David Tipton. "Mirror Picard turned out to be much more intriguing the more we wrote him, just because he developed in ways we didn’t expect at first," added Scott Tipton.

"Mirror Troi is interesting because she seems so self-centered and devious," continued David Tipton. "This time around, Mirror Troi was really fun to write," concurred Scott Tipton.

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"It would be interesting to see what happens if the two versions of Data encounter each other," teased David Tipton. "And neither Picard would seem to have much patience for his counterpart…"

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through the Mirror #2 will be released on Wednesday, May 9.