Exclusive: See the cover to the conclusion of the Archie 'Over the Edge' event

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Apr 18, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT

By now, you may have heard of the big Archie Comics storyline that promises to rock Riverdale to its small-town core.

Over the Edge is a three-issue story from writer Mark Waid and artist Pete Woods, beginning next month in Archie #20. It's being billed as a major seismic shift for the Archie universe, with a MAJOR character dying as a result.

We have an EXCLUSIVE first look at Woods' cover to Archie #22, the conclusion to the storyline. It's a stark, chilling image ... and check out the heart monitor squiggly lines at the top!

Who dies, and how? We obviously don't know those answers yet, but we do know it stems from the feud between Archie Andrews and Reggie Mantle reaching the boiling point. What we know is this: The two archenemies decide on a drag race along Riverdale's Dead Man's Curve -- because what small town doesn't have a forebodingly named road like that? -- which ends in disaster.

But who meets his maker? Is it Archie, Reggie or someone else?

Comic book fans are understandably jaded about these "Everything will change!" events because if comics history has taught us anything, it's that nothing really changes with comic book events. But this feels different than the typical marketing hyperbole. One reason for that is that Archie isn't really a title known for rocking the canon with "big events."

We followed up our WonderCon chat with writer Mark Waid with a quick email interview to try to squeeze more details about Over the Edge from him. Check out his responses to our questions below and enjoy the gallery of Archie images, which features all three covers for issue #22, as well as covers to the first two issues of Over the Edge.

And remember, it begins with Archie #20, which drops in May.

How did you decide which character would die on Dead Man's Curve? And was there any pushback or second-guessing from the Archie editors about that choice?

Mark Waid: Once we got it locked down, no (surprisingly -- Archie's taking a real gamble here). We simply asked ourselves, "Who's the most valuable teenager in Riverdale?"

We know Over the Edge is a culmination of Archie and Reggie's feud, but how will this impact Riverdale?

​Greatly. The mystery victim's absence creates quite a shocking and unexpected ​vacuum in town -- and among the cast. Everyone knows this person. That doesn't mean everyone LOVES this person, but we centered on one whose absence will reveal some interesting secrets.​

What about Betty and Veronica ... what roles do they play in this story?​


Even though Archie has already "died" before in a previous story, this time it's happening within the canon. Will this impact Riverdale and the universe you've crafted in Archie?

This is different. ​In the what-if Death of Archie storyline, it ended that storyline and wasn't "in continuity." This event is very much part of the New Riverdale universe we've been building. In fact, you may find some clue in the rest of what's in store for the Archie Comics line at the same time ... but no promises.

How will we learn who died? At the funeral scene?

All I can tell you about the reveal is that we've never seen anything quite like the way this one's done.