Exclusive: Sharlto Copley on whether he'll be in Neill Blomkamp's Alien film

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Mar 9, 2015, 6:05 PM EDT

With the announcement a few weeks ago that Neill Blomkamp's sequel for Aliens has been greenlit by Fox, the next logical question is whether the director's longtime friend and lucky charm, actor Sharlto Copley (District 9), will be involved.

In our exclusive interview with Copley today, we asked the actor (who is promoting his lead role in Sony's Playstation Network series Powers) whether he's talked with his friend about when, or whether, he's going to saddle up in the Sigourney Weaver-starring sequel.

"We've had the conversation," he said with a smile in his voice, "But it's the familiar conversation with Neill every time he ends a movie, where he tells me he wants to put me in the next one but he can't because, practically, it doesn't make sense to do all of his movies with me. At some point, he has to go away, and then we'll return and do something, which I fully understand. I never expected to be in all his films for two seconds."

The problem is that Copley has actually appeared in all of Blomkamp's features, even the recently released Chappie, for which the actor did the motion-capture performance of the sentient robot.

"I've been arguing with him that Chappie doesn't really count," Copley laughed, "because people can't see me, so they don't know that it's me. However, I do actually have a cameo in Chappie, which I don't know if anyone has spotted. You see my face for a brief second, which was Neill's idea."

As to our initial question, Copley did clarify that "at the moment, no. I'm not in the Aliens [sequel]. But I'm super-excited he's doing it, and it's surreal to get to see him do something with a franchise that, for him and I, was one of our favorite all-time franchises."

When we suggested he could do another mo-cap performance as a xenomorph, Copley perked up and said,  "You know he could put me in as a xenomorph and no one would know. We know that I can do good performance capture now. Neill starts out very determined, but you never know as he gets closer to the time."

Copley said he's going to start with some reverse psychology soon, pitching to Blomkamp, "OK, dude you know how people loved Wilkus (District 9), Kruger (Elysium) and Chappie. I'm just saying all three characters landed with the audience. If you want to go without me, you can. There are other actors. You can use them if you like," the actor laughed.

We say run with it, Sharlto.