Exclusive sneak peek at DC's paranoid new flying saucer comic

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Jul 4, 2015

Not at New York Comic Con? Don't worry. We've got you covered. Because this is the only place to catch an exclusive first look at a new ongoing comic book series that's being announced at the con RIGHT NOW.

Saucer Country, from DC's Vertigo imprint, will be launching in February 2012, and based on the description, if you're into Fringe and The X-Files, you'll probably be into this. The series will be written by Paul Cornell (whom you likely know from Doctor Who) and drawn by Ryan Kelly (Lucifer).

Here's the official announcement:

Sci-Fi and modern politics collide in Vertigo's new ongoing series SAUCER COUNTRY written by Paul Cornell with art by the extremely talented Ryan Kelly. Cornell is best known for his contributions to Dr. Who, and is currently writing DC Comics-The New 52 ongoing comic book series Stormwatch and Demon Knights. Kelly's, most recent work can be seen in The New York Times Bestseller The New York Five written by Brian Wood.

When the Latina governor of New Mexico is abducted by aliens in the midst of her campaign for President of the United States, she learns that the people of Earth are in imminent danger of invasion. But proving that what she's seen is true will be next to impossible in a world where "mainstream media" has a major agenda and every politician wants their fifteen minutes of fame.

With the help of her dedicated staff and a rag-tag collection of UFO "experts", she'll do what's necessary to save the human race -- which will mean digging deep into the American mythology of alien abduction, UFO sightings, shadow government agencies and conspiracy theory. But first she's got to convince the world she's not crazy ...

Make way for SAUCER COUNTRY launching in February 2012.

And check out four pages of Ryan Kelly's moody art below!

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