Exclusive sneak peek: The Omega Men #11

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Apr 25, 2016, 4:12 PM EDT

If you haven't been reading The Omega Men, you've been missing out on sharp storytelling, morally complicated characters, and spot-on meta-commentary. And it only gets better with the latest issue, the title's penultimate, of which we have an exclusive sneak peek.

The critically acclaimed fan-favorite DC Comics title about the insurgent, terroristic Omegas of the Vega system (these are the good guys!) fighting to unseat the religious authority of the Alpha Empire (the baddies) blew things wide open in issue #9, and the final act of the book is only accelerating with #11, available Wednesday, April 27.

Written by Tom King, with art by Barnaby Bagenda, and cover by Trevor Hutchison, the issue sees the Viceroy of the Citadel desperate after a defeat on Karna. As the Omega Men team tries to rally the worlds of Vega, the Viceroy is bringing "all-out war" to these rebels.

Check out this exclusive sneak below, and pick up The Omega Men #11 when it drops this week.