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Exclusive: Spidey takes on classic villain in clip from new Spider-Man animated series

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Aug 9, 2017

The creative team behind Disney XD's Marvel's Spider-Man have emphasized that their new animated series is going to focus on Peter Parker in high school, much like Spider-Man: Homecoming. Smart move, considering the near-universal praise and $673M-and-counting box-office tally that movie has garnered.

But while Peter's high school travails at Horizon High will be one of the key elements of the latest animated iteration of Marvel's flagship hero, don't expect a shortage of Spidey action. SYFY WIRE got loads of details on the new show during our interview at SDCC 2017 with Marvel's Senior VP of Animation Cort Lane, story editor Kevin Shinick and voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man Robbie Draymond. And now we're pleased to offer you an EXCLUSIVE look at Spidey facing off against one of the staples of his rogues gallery ... The Scorpion!

The scene features our hero squaring off against his costumed nemesis inside a moving subway train. The quips fly as fast as the webbing, too, including one joke aimed at poor Peter's apparently subpar personal hygiene. Take a look at the scene and let us know what you think.

Marvel's Spider-Man debuts on August 19 on Disney XD.