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Exclusive: Star fantasy author Michael Moorcock on Titan's Elric: The White Wolf

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Sep 5, 2018, 2:29 PM EDT

Legendary British author Michael Moorcock has been a titan of the dark fantasy genre since creating the immortal Elric of Melnibone beginning with short stories and novellas back in the '60s. From humble collections and magazine debuts, these savage yarns evolved into later expanded novels, and memorable comic book appearances by writer Roy Thomas in Conan the Barbarian and an Elric solo series.


London-based Titan Comics has previously offered a pair of deluxe European graphic novels spotlighting the cult antihero in 2014's Elric: The Ruby Throne and 2015's Elric: Stormbringer, both delivering 64 pages of brash sword and sorcery epics with glinting blades, spellbinding magic, and stylish bravado.

A new two-part graphic novel starring the same charismatic warrior titled Elric: The White Wolf (and much of the previous volumes' creative team) is being released by Titan today and it's a rousing saga sure to stimulate legions of faithful fans and fresh readers.


Written by Julien Blondel, with Jean-Luc Cano and Jean Bastide, and matched with art by Robin Recht and Julien Telo, Elric: The White Wolf #1 captures the essence of Moorcock's classic albino sorcerer for a new generation.

The fantastic saga picks up one year after Elric left his elegant palace and throne, Imrryr, leaving behind a sad and lonely Cymoril. For twelve months he's traversed the Young Kingdoms under the watchful eyes of his protector, Arioch. Elric has abandoned all and offered up his potent skills as a proficient wizard and legendary warrior to the highest bidder, further forging the striking albino warrior whose wicked Black Sword terrifies the fiercest of combatants. He has renounced his royal lineage as Elric de Melnibone, the four hundred and twenty-eighth Emperor of the people of R'lin K'ren A'a, and now presents himself to the Young Kingdoms as the notorious White Wolf.

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"Don't expect Conan or Lord of the Rings," Moorcock explained. "Elric is darker, more thoughtful and is forever questioning his world and its institutions, religions and authorities, but from the position of someone who has studied these things and is a great Magus in his own right. His relation with his soul-drinking sword makes him an altogether stranger and more complex character."

Elric: The White Wolf #1 features a blood-tainted cover by the acclaimed comic artist, Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween, Spider-Man Blue), and a wintry blue variant courtesy of Robin Recht & Jean Bastide.

Check out our exclusive extended preview in the full gallery below, then tell us if this latest Elric adventure will spur you into picking up Titan's lavish new edition when it charges into comic shops on September 5.