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Exclusive: The Totality saga continues in first look at DC Comics' Justice League #6

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Aug 10, 2018

After a brief interlude to touch on the formations of the current incarnation of the Legion of Doom in its Issue #5, Justice League is back in just a few days with the next chapter in the multiverse-threatening saga called "The Totality," and the stakes are as high as they've ever been in our exclusive preview of Issue #6.

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Jorge Jimenez pick up right where they left off in Justice League #4, and if you recall what went down in that issue, that means things are still not looking good at all for our heroes. On Earth, the sentient ultraviolet sun known as Umbrax continues to close in as Sinestro recruits more and more people to join his massive Ultraviolet Lantern Corps. Cyborg and former Green Lantern John Stewart, still resisting the pull of the Ultraviolet after Sinestro destroyed his ring, are doing everything they can to stop it, but as Cyborg points out they're not facing more than just the conversion of people. 

Justice League 6 Page 1

Meanwhile, inside the still-mysterious entity known as The Totality, Lex Luthor and The Joker — in control of the bodies of Superman and Martian Manhunter — are getting closer to its core and all the powerful secrets that lie within. When the Source Wall was broken, seven new mysterious forces were unleashed on our world, and so far Lex knows about two: the Invisible Emotional Spectrum and the Still Force, both of which Sinestro and Gorilla Grodd are wielding to great effect at the moment. If he can just get to the Totality's core, his doorknob artifact will reveal the rest to him, but it's not as easy as he might think...

Oh, and if the cover is any indication, Grodd is still very much in control in his battle with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash. So... not a great day to be in the Justice League. Here's DC Comics' official description:

"Did you read the write-up on issue #5? Do you really think anything’s gotten better for the Justice League in the past two weeks? Still Force? Still a thing! Ultraviolet Galaxy Lantern? Keeps attacking! Sinestro? Total garbage! Lex Luthor and Joker? Beating everyone to the Source Wall piece. If that happens? You don’t wanna know."

Check out our exclusive six-page preview of Justice League #6 below, and you'll find a glimmer of hope emerging for our heroes. Find out what happens next when the issue hits stores August 15.

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