Exclusive: The X-Files' Chris Carter answers questions about "My Struggle"

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

After suffering eight years of a world with no new The X-Files, our geeky sorrow has ended with the airing of "My Struggle," the premiere episode of the six-hour The X-Files event series. As expected, the narrative left the door wide open for new mysteries, a lot of questions and the return of some familiar faces.

What are we supposed to think about that last-minute reveal? How will new characters impact the show? What's coming next?

Well, we can't answer those questions, but creator/writer Chris Carter certainly can, and so we cornered him at what looked to be a spaceship crash site in the middle of the Los Angeles open air galleria, The Grove (because really, where else would Carter be?), to get some specific answers about the new episodes.

Carter graciously agreed, and so after the West Coast airing of the first three new episodes, we'll be posting our exclusive video interviews with Chris Carter, where we get actual answers about some of the key moments that left us with Mulder-sized questions.

First up, "My Struggle" ...

(Warning: The video will feature SPOILERS. Do not watch until you have seen the new episodes!)


Photos by Paul Terry

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