Exclusive: This terrifying Annabelle cake is the sweet stuff of nightmares — see its creation

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:14 AM EDT (Updated)

Last month, we showed you this terrifying, delicious-looking Pennywise cake by JK Denim of Koalipops that blew our minds. So much so that it's whetted our appetites for other horror-related sweet treats he was planning to whip up.

Well, Denim has now given cake life to one of this year's most haunting characters — Annabelle — and he's served up an exclusive video for SYFY WIRE on how he put it all together.

Inspired by her recent return in the hit Annabelle: Creation, Denim decided to pay homage to the doll from hell with a sinfully sinister cake that pretty much looks like it's going to come to life and snuff you out.

“This is a cake, you guys — I know it doesn’t look like it, but it is," he says in the clip above, flicking at just how realistic his devious creation looks. (He also cracked that when he took his mom to see the movie, he gypped her into thinking it was "the feel-good comedy of the summer.")

Go ahead and take a bite out of our exclusive clip.