Exclusive: Tom King and Mitch Gerads preview Mister Miracle Issue #6

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:19 AM EDT (Updated)

Just as Scott Free is finding his place in the world (and Fourth World) and determining what counts as real or not, the comic he's starring in, Mister Miracle, has in reality been finding itself on many best-of comics lists from 2017.

Now, with issue #6 of the DC comic dropping next Wednesday, January 10, the book by writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads hits a halfway point – or "Season 1 climax," as King puts it – in an issue that may rock your world (and offer some guidance about home renovation dialogue with your spouse).

In the gallery below, SYFY WIRE has an exclusive sneak preview of the issue. But before you check it out, read what King and Gerads have to says about the midpoint of the miniseries and why this is a can't-miss chapter of Mister Miracle.

Tom, set up this issue and tease what it means for the series.

Tom King: What you're seeing here is the Season 1 climax. We're halfway through at Issue 6. The focus of the whole series has been on Scott's relationship with the good half of his life, the good half of him, the New Genesis side. The next six issues, what you're going to see is his relationship with the Apoklips side, with Darkseid. We're moving into a transition here from the light to the dark. It is closer to that truth of "Darkseid Is."

Why else is this one to pick up?

TK: You should pick this up because it's going to be the best-drawn single issue this year. I know it's only January, but I'm calling it! I work with the top artist in the industry, and I'm lucky I've gotten to do that. This is the best-drawn comic I've ever worked on.

There is this issue-long conversation between Scott Free and Barda about condo renovations in the midst of this bloody battle. Talk about the purpose this serves.

TK: There are a lot of themes going on in this Mister Miracle. One of the big ones is the connection between God and man. And dealing with the consequences of that, and a God realizing he's a man, and vice versa. It's such an easy thematic thing to do to see someone doing huge Herculean tasks, and while they're doing it, in the midst of a discussion of everyday life. It is a good metaphor for everything we go through every day. Sometimes you're working out the biggest ideas in the world, but half your brain is occupied with the smallness of, you know, you have to walk the dog.

Mitch, what was your approach in drawing this issue?

Mitch Gerads: As I was reading the script, I realized there was a fun way to do this because of the conversation happening. It is so pedestrian; it's a conversation I think a lot of us have had with our spouses in some manner. I thought, "How can I portray this in the art as well?" If I make it too jumpy-jumpy from panel to panel, it's not going to read as well. So I found a unique way to present the issue along with that long-running conversation.

What can you tease for Issue 7?

MG: In a non-spoiler way, there are two big reveals in this issue that people are not going to see coming.

Check out the preview of Mister Miracle #6 below, and if you want more, pick up the issue when it becomes available next week!

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The hit miniseries reaches the emotional conclusion of its first arc! Scott Free returns to New Genesis to face his punishment, but instead finds the whole world has been flipped upside down. Mister Miracle and Big Barda battle their way through monsters and New Gods to get to the Highfather, but once they reach Orion's throne room, they learn that the war against Darkseid has taken a bloody turn.