Exclusive: Two legends face one more battle in this preview of Wonder Woman/Conan #6

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:05 AM EDT (Updated)

It's surprising, even shocking, that we didn't see a crossover between Diana of Themyscira and Conan of Cimmeria until 2017, but when it finally happened, co-publishers DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics made it count. They hired fan-favorite writer Gail Simone (Clean RoomRed Sonja) and her Wonder Woman collaborator, artist Aaron Lopresti. Together, this creative team crafted a tale of gods and monsters that delved deep into both Conan's past and Wonder Woman's own sense of identity. Now it all comes down to one final issue.

Wonder Woman/Conan #6, the grand finale of this tremendously entertaining crossover miniseries, will hit comic book stores next week, and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look at the final issue.


The evil witch-goddesses known as the Corvidae have surrounded the city of Shamar with their armies, ready to raze it to the ground. Conan, who's learned a great deal from his time with Diana, refuses to give up the fight, while Diana struggles with how to save her warrior friend and everyone around him.

Here's the official synopsis from DC:

The final battle is here! Diana has regained her sense of self — and with her mind and memory intact, she’s an unstoppable force. Conan believed her to be his lost childhood love, and the revelation of her true destiny does nothing to lessen his admiration for the warrior he fights beside. The Corvidae may live to regret their wager. Copublished with Dark Horse.



Together, Conan and Diana have faced memory loss (in Diana's case), past demons (in Conan's case), a gladiator arena, the chains of slaves, a shipwreck, sharks, crow monsters, and more. Now there's one last battle, and next week we get to find out how it all ends. 



Check out the full preview, including variant covers, below. Wonder Woman/Conan #6 arrives Feb. 21.

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