EXCLUSIVE: Warehouse 13 cast says goodbye, promises 'payoff' in final season

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Apr 11, 2014, 12:16 PM EDT

The beginning of the end for Warehouse 13 starts Monday with the premiere of its fifth and final season. After more than 50 episodes, fans will have to say goodbye to their favorite team of artifact-hunting agents in a season made up of only six episodes. 

Eddie McClintock, who plays Pete Lattimer, told Blastr that these final episodes will tie up everyone’s histories and characters in a way that fans will find appropriate.

“There’s no short selling the fans. We wanted to make sure there was an appropriate payoff to five years of loyalty,” he said.

Joanne Kelly, who plays Myka Bering, compared the season to a suitcase so packed you have to sit on it to get it closed. 

“There’s tap dancing, a renaissance fair, a Spanish telenovela, a fun development in Pete and Myka’s relationship, and you find out about Claudia’s sister. There’s so much …” she told Blastr. “The cancer storyline [also] wraps up in a solid, quick way.”

Kelly and McClintock have faced some unique acting challenges over the years working on Warehouse 13. In this season alone they had to learn how to tap dance and speak fluent Spanish. McClintock said the upcoming telenovela episode was one of his all-time favorites, if not his favorite episode in the last six, and one of the hardest he’s done for Warehouse 13. He called it a great way to send the show out.

Even though the final season finished filming about six months ago, the premiere has brought up some of the old wounds of saying goodbye for the cast. They may have moved on to other opportunities, but their feelings have resurfaced as they’ve been promoting Warehouse 13’s return.

“The thing I’ll miss most is seeing my Warehouse 13 family,” McClintock said. “When you spend five days a week, 14 to 15 hours a day, for 9 months of the year with the same people, you get to know them really well and grow to be very close to them, obviously. You spend more time with the cast and crew than with your own family, so it’s hard not to see them all the time.”

Kelly called the end of the series bittersweet but said she thinks it was time. She had the chance to explore Myka a lot, and she’s glad the journey was such a good one. Like McClintock, she’s going to miss seeing those familiar faces every day.

“It was such a wonderful journey … five years is a long time, and we went out on a good note. I’m proud of what we accomplished. I’m ready to move on, but it’s sad,” Kelly said.

While the cast have some amazing memories to remember their time at Warehouse 13, they also took a few irresistible items from the warehouse set as mementos. McClintock joked that he took everything that wasn’t nailed down, from his wardrobe to a tesla rifle that he had signed by the cast to a set of bongo drums that sat on Artie’s desk. 

“The drums were not featured on the show, but they were on his desk and between takes I’d play them and drive everyone insane. They were one of the real mementos for me that has history and memory, and I had everyone on the cast sign them,” he explained.

Kelly, on the other hand, didn’t take any quirky artifacts, though she did hang onto the patio chairs from outside Artie’s office, since she needed patio furniture (an example of her practical nature!).

“Everything I need is upstairs. If I miss the show I can go back there by just throwing a DVD in and on the TV,” she said.

As Warehouse 13 comes to a close, both actors wanted to thank their fans.

“We consider each other family, all the actors on the show, and I want to say to fans, you’re a part of our family, the Warehouse 13 family, as well. We could not have existed without them. As an actor it’s not very often you get people who love and support a show like Syfy fans do, so thank you so much for the experience. It was once in a lifetime,” Kelly said.

McClintock wanted to thank fans for their dedication to the series that gave him some of the best years of his life.

“To the Syfy fans, we on the show developed such strong bonds and a sense of family that could never have happened had it not been for the fans,” he said.

The fifth and final season of Warehouse 13 will premiere April 14 at 9/8c on Syfy. What's your favorite Warehouse adventure?