Match Game - Lynda Carter and Colton Haynes
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Exclusive: Watch two superhero icons make out on Match Game

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Feb 5, 2018, 5:55 PM EST (Updated)

Match Game isn't really the type of thing we cover here at SYFY WIRE, but when two of the celebrity guest stars are superhero icons, who are we to ignore it?

The superheroes in question are Lynda Carter and Colton Haynes. Carter, of course, will always be known as the original Wonder Woman, starring in the 1970s TV series. She has also cameoed on Supergirl and Smallville, both based on DC properties. Meanwhile, Colton Haynes is best known for his role of Roy/Arsenal on Arrow, though he has also appeared in other genre-shows including Teen Wolf, Scream Queens, and American Horror Story.

In this fun clip, host Alec Baldwin asks the celebrity panel a question about "the world's smartest sex toy." He declares Colton the "world's smartest sex toy" after Lynda instigates a hot 'n heavy make-out session with him.


In Match Game, contestants are asked a question with a blank in it. A celebrity panel writes down their guesses to fill in that blank, and the contestants must match the word with the celebrity who wrote it. Other celebrities on this week's panel include Sam Richardson (Veep, Detroiters); Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm); Caroline Rhea (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), and Taye Diggs (Empire, House on Haunted Hill).


The Lynda Carter/Colton Haynes episode of Match Game airs February 7 at 10PM on ABC.