Exclusive: The X-Files' Chris Carter answers questions about Episode 2, "Founder's Mutation"

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Jan 27, 2016, 7:32 PM EST (Updated)

"Founder's Mutation," Episode 2 of the new The X-Files miniseries, does what fans of the show love the most: it balances a standalone story about children being harvested for experimentation and weaves in the long-unfinished storyline about Mulder and Scully's child they gave up for adoption.

As a refresher, way back in Season 9, Baby William was coveted for his potential telekinetic powers until he was rendered powerless by Mulder's half-brother,  Jeffrey Spender. Alone and terrified the child would be relentlessly hounded by shadow organizations, Scully gave baby William up for adoption to hide him and protect him from a terrible life on the run. Up until this new miniseries, William has been on the narrative backburner. How was it decided to bring William back into the storyline?

In the second of our exclusive video episode post mortems with Chris Carter, the man with the mythology tells us the genesis of the story with writer James Wong and what William means to the bigger story.

(Warning: The video will feature SPOILERS. Do not watch until you have seen the new episodes!)


What do you think about William's return? Do you think Mulder and Scully will see William again?

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