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Exclusive: Zack Kaplan on the scorching return of Top Cow's sci-fi sensation, Eclipse

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Jul 27, 2018, 4:33 PM EDT

Deep in the dog days of summer, if you can't beat the heat, embrace it!

Just in time for the most sweltering season is Zack Kaplan's sizzling sci-fi series, Eclipse, back for a blazing new 4-issue arc that explores more of the parched Earth and deadly solar flare effects that have caused worldwide armageddon. This acclaimed series from Image/TopCow envisions a near-future where an unexpected cosmic event has rendered the sun's life-giving rays lethal to anyone caught in its penetrating glare.


Focusing on New York City as one of Earth's surviving cities, a serial killer emerges on the scene who uses sunlight to burn his victims. NYPD's Solar Crimes Officer David "Bax" Baxter and Cielo Brandt, the hunted daughter of mega-corp Solarity Inc.'s CEO, explore the burning, ravaged wastelands and hidden underground city to unravel a mystery behind a new breed of human who can survive the sun's lethal beams.

The first two four-issue story arcs were compiled into a pair of deluxe graphic novel volumes in 2017, and the shocking title was one of the best-reviewed new books of the year. As one of Top Cow's most high-profile projects, this skin-crisping series showcases searing illustrations by artist Giovanni Timpano (Justice, Inc., The Shadow) and vastly expands the narrative by offering up new obstacles and challenges for our protagonists.


Eclipse #9 begins an entirely new chapter where former solar engineer David Baxter attempts to frantically escape back into New York City before sunrise, while Cielo Brandt searches for the mysterious scientist responsible for an immunity to perilous sunlight—a scientist with his own specific plans in mind.

“Eclipse has been on a slow boil, but Giovanni, Flavio, Troy, and the entire Top Cow team has been refining our approach," Kaplan told SYFY WIRE. "Now with the return of the series, I’m confident we are delivering the best arc yet! We’re very excited and can’t wait for fans to check it out. Get ready for some heat!"

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Check out our exclusive preview of Top Cow's Eclipse #9 below, and after you burn through the brutal images, tell us if you'll grab onto this hot series when it brightens comic shops on Wednesday, August 1.