Exclusive: Friday producers' satanic thriller has a name—The Sacrifice

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller with Andrew Form told SCI FI Wire that their developing satanic-cult thriller film finally has a name: The Sacrifice.

Fuller and Form (Friday the 13th, The Unborn) will be delivering the script by Scott Kosar (The Amityville Horror) to Paramount next week, Fuller added. "We're happy with it," he said in an interview Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where the pair were promoting Friday the 13th.

Last December, Fuller provided SCI FI Wire with this description of the movie: "It is a story about a college girl whose brother dies, and she goes to investigate his death and finds he was into some pretty freaky stuff. And wants to get to the bottom of it. And [in] doing so, has to see some things that maybe she didn't want to see. That are unsettling." The "freaky stuff" is a satanist cult, Form added: "That's what holds the movie together."

The producers have yet to attach a director, they said on Saturday. As the film is set in a small town, the producers are considering locations in Chicago, Wisconsin or Michigan, they added.

The movie is a bit of a departure for the successful producers, who have made a name for themselves with stylish remakes of classic horror films, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street. Like their recently released The Unborn, The Sacrifice is an original story.

Meanwhile, the producers' Friday the 13th reboot is hitting theaters on Feb. 13, and they are gearing up for a spring shoot for Nightmare.

After that, they hope to begin shooting The Butcherhouse Chronicles, a haunted-house movie based on a stage play by Michael Hidalgo, starting in the summer in Chicago.

"Every town has that one scary house that everyone talks about, and it's about a group of kids, a la Breakfast Club, from different cliques, who all get together and go into this one house, and what happens when they get in there," Form said.

Fuller added that they are tweaking the script, by Ray Wright (Pulse). "We are doing a little work to the script, literally," he said. "The e-mail I just checked is, we're negotiating with the writer to finish up something this weekend."

Despite earlier reports that music video director Frank Borin would be helming the movie, Fuller that said no director has been hired yet but that they will be going out to directors "in a couple of weeks. Something like that."