Exclusive sneak peek at the badass super squad of DC's Team 7 #1

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Dec 17, 2012

Last month, DC Comics introduced four new ongoing series with "zero month" issues, among them the badass superhero squad known as Team 7. Now the first issue of the Team 7 series proper is ready to drop, and we've got an exclusive look at the first five pages.

Team 7 was first introduced back in 1994 as part of Jim Lee's Wildstorm Universe. The group began as a team of military specialists who developed superhuman abilities and were folded into the DC Universe during the Flashpoint event last year.

Issue #0 of the new Team 7 series introduced the latest incarnation of the team, which includes both Wildstorm Universe alums like Grifter and DC favorites like Deathstroke, and now writer Justin Jordan and artist Jesus Merino are ready to show the world issue #1 as part of the "Third Wave" of DC's "New 52" (alongside new series The Phantom Stranger, Talon and Sword of Sorcery).

Here's what the creative team has to say about the most fun aspect of working on the new series so far:

JUSTIN JORDAN: Getting to play with the new toys. I mean, writing Grifter and Deathstroke and Dinah and Amanda is great fun, and it'd be great to get to write any one of those characters, but getting to write them all and bounce them off of each other? That's great fun.

JESUS MERINO: To me it's always the time before the first issue is released, when the page is blank and you have lots of things to say. As I said, I thought that the book could work visually in a western tone. Even in the designs, I called Grifter "a mix between the Lone Ranger, Billy the Kid and Han Solo". Then Slade was crystal clear that he had to be a Lee Van Cleef wannabe. Alex Fairchild was Donald Sutherland in "Kelly's Heroes"...and so on. I confess that I was having a good time (I always do) recreating the characters ...

Team 7 #1 hits comic shops on Oct. 10. Check out two alternate covers and five pages (because there's a double-page spread in there) of Merino's art (with dialogue by Jordan) below.

(Via DC Comics)