Exorcist creator dismisses TV series rumors as 'utterly false'

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Dec 17, 2012

Last week we heard about plans for a 10-episode Exorcist prequel/reboot miniseries that would chart the effects that demonic possession had on the film's original family. If you ask the story's creator, that's not happening—but he may have some TV plans of his own.

William Peter Blatty, who wrote the original bestselling novel and adapted the screenplay for director William Friedkin, heard the same rumors we did that producer Roy Lee and writer/director Sean Durkin were working on a TV take on his classic horror tale, and felt compelled to respond. Blatty called that rumor "utterly false," noting that the rights to the story actually belong to him, so no one can tackle any new adaptations without his permission.

But that doesn't mean the idea of The Exorcist on TV is completely dead yet, and it's Blatty himself who's keeping it alive. We first heard that Blatty was working on a possible TV adaptation of his own three years ago. The trail on that project went cold a while ago, but Blatty said he's not done with that idea just yet.

"Friedkin and I have a new miniseries remake script that we hope will one day be picked up."

So either last week's rumor was just a rumor, or we're in for a demon duel here. Either way, who would you rather see bring this thing to the small screen: the original creators or a couple of ... other guys? Or should it be neither?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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