Expanded Ghostbusters universe might be bigger than we thought (and include Chris Pratt!)

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Mar 10, 2015, 3:15 PM EDT

We were obviously intrigued when word broke that the Russo Brothers (Captain America: Winter Soldier) are helming a second new Ghostbusters film, but this whole proposition might be a whole lot wider-ranging than we thought.

The initial announcement left a lot of information to be desired, but now Badass Digest is working to fill in the details. Thankfully, it’s all good news. According to their additional report, the Russo Brothers’ film has been in deep development since well before Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters was announced. This isn’t some knee-jerk reaction by Sony, and is instead a planned cinematic universe of connected films that will allow for different tones and types of stories (see: Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Here’s the choice excerpt from their report:

It's complementary to the Paul Feig film. This isn't a sudden reboot or a change of course. The plan is to have this new Ghostbusters universe feel big and have the kind of tonal variety that allows there to be a legitimate shared universe, not just a whole bunch of franchises running in tandem. What's more, the hope is that after Feig's Ghostbusters is out and after Tatum's Ghostsbusters is out the next film will see the two teams co-mingling, Avengers-style. This is planned out, and has been getting planned out for some time - it's not a sudden change of heart at Sony. The idea is that this shared universe will allow Feig to do his thing, Reitman and the Russos and Drew Pearce to do their thing, and for them   to cross over when they must.

That is, to say the least, good news. It’s encouraging to hear there’s already a boatload of synergy in the mix, and this won’t be a case of random, semi-competing films set in the same franchise. Even cooler? It sounds like star Channing Tatum could be joined by his real-life pal Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy). The two are apparently keen to work together on a project and believe this one is the perfect fit.

The alleged “guy-centric” aspect of the script has also apparently been exaggerated —it’s just that the film will star a male team, not that it'll be totally “DUDE!” in an effort to pander to a male audience. That’s also positive news, and adds some additional context to exactly how this whole situation will work. It sounds like Sony is at least trying to build something special here, and we’re hoping a nice mix of new voices and the old guard can actually pull it off. Fingers crossed, at least.

(Via Badass Digest)