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The Expanse: Eros brings our narrative threads together - and offers a few nasty surprises

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Jan 29, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Every week, Blastr editors Adam Swiderski and Cher Martinetti discuss the happenings in the latest episode of  Syfy's (corporate parent of Blastr - Ed.) The Expanse. See our chat below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Episode 8, "Salvage."

Adam: Now, that, to me, is more like it. After last week's digressions from the narrative, we finally get some big moments that propel the overarching story forward. The discovery of the Anubis and the return of the blue stuff from the first episode! Holden's crew and Miller coming together! And, of course, the big reveal of Julie Mao's mutated-looking corpse. It's kind of a bummer for Miller, of course, given that the thing that's been giving his life meaning -- the search for Julie -- has come to a bad end, but it raises a whole bunch of intriguing questions for the viewer that I'm looking forward to exploring.

Simply put, I dug this episode. What'd you think?

Cher: It definitely is getting things back on track and moving forward. I think Miller and Holden finally coming together is one of the things I've been looking forward to. I also feel like this episode really started tying everything together. To be honest, I think it will flow a little better now that there won't be as many storylines to follow. Not saying that multiple storylines is a bad thing, but I think for a new show it can be a bit overwhelming trying to keep up. Then again, that's what rewatching is for.

Adam: I also think that, in terms of feel, this episode really clicked. The two main set pieces -- the Rocinante crew's exploration of the asteroid-parked Anubis and the big shootout at the Blue Falcon on Eros -- both had a dramatic tension that I feel like the show has kind of been teasing us with for a while now, but only occasionally fully dives into. To get two such segments in one episode felt like a gift. And, unlike last week, none of the character development we saw -- Miller's talk with his Mormon co-passenger on the way to Eros or with his friend on the police force there, for example -- came off as forced or secondary. It was a bit of a bummer to see Fred Johnson join Avasarala in the "Hey, remember me? I'm still here!" club with his couple of scenes, but other than that, this was a pretty tightly constructed hour.

Also, I think I'm about ready to declare Wes Chatham the MVP of the Rocinante cast for the season. He seemed kind of young compared to how I pictured Amos from the books, but he's really sold me on that whole gregarious-guy-who's-ready-to-kill-you-anytime thing.

Cher: Amos is definitely becoming my fave Rocinante crew member. Probably what sealed it for me was the little wink he gave when Holden tells the Tycho spy that he's his bodyguard. That was a wink of an unhinged guy.

Speaking of unhinged, finding Julie's corpse is bound to have some profound impact on Miller, and I'm really looking forward to seeing that play out. Thomas Jane is still very much the overall MVP on the show, and I'm really hoping if the show does deviate any more from the books, it's to keep him around for as long as possible. Like so many other people, I've always loved Jane as The Punisher, and maybe it's because of that I am feeling a little Frank Castle in Miller. And I dig it.

Adam: Yes, let's talk about Julie's corpse. I was really glad the show didn't shy away from the body horror of that moment, especially given the general restrictions of non-premium cable. My one disappointment with this episode is that they didn't show just what was going on with that stuff around the Anubis's reactor -- in the books (SPOILERS, MAYBE?), it's made very clear that whatever goo is surrounding the reactor and making sweet, sweet love to it is primarily composed of human tissue. (END SPOILER) Making that a point would have, I think, ratcheted up the "Holy s***"" factor of that still-effective moment.

I also want to shout out not the shootout itself, but the *buildup* to the shootout, which I thought developed incredibly well. The tension in knowing something is about to go down without knowing exactly where it's going to come from is milked for much longer than I thought it would be, and it really sold the moment for me. And, even knowing it was coming, I was psyched when Miller showed up to save the proverbial day.

So, one more week/two more episodes to go! Are you excited about where it looks like things are ending up?

Cher: I am. I think the show has a huge opportunity to end in such a climatic way that it will have people buzzing about Season 2. And that very well could have been the plan all along.

That shootout left so many questions, as did the discovery of Julie's body. Like, where did the spy run off to? Who killed Julie? How much does Fred Johnson know? And obviously we still have the Mormons and Avasarala in the wings. I'm hoping we get some of those answers in the final eps, but more so I hope that anticipation and suspense continues to grow and carry onto Season 2. 

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