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The Expanse subtracts by addition in its latest episode

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Jan 22, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Every week, Blastr editors Adam Swiderski and Cher Martinetti discuss the happenings in the latest episode of  Syfy's (corporate parent of Blastr - Ed.) The Expanse. See our chat below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Episode 7, "Windmills."

Adam: Well, that was...really something. I find myself conflicted over this episode. It's definitely the one that's gone farthest afield from the books - we get a new character in Avasarala's spy, Kenzo Gabriel, who's stowed away on the Rocinante, and we get a whole big section in which Avasarala visits Holden's mother in an effort to learn more about him. I have to admit that I didn't really love either of these things, and I remain confused as to why they're necessary when there's so much good story from the book to tell (it probably doesn't help that the actor playing Gabriel sticks out like a not-likable sore thumb among a Roci crew that has really grown on me).

At the same time, this episode was the only one this season penned by Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham, the guys behind the books The Expanse is based on. If anyone should have the right to diverge and tell different stories within this universe, it's them. I just...don't think it ended up working that well.

Your thoughts?

Cher: Unfortunately, I agree. I'm not sure why Kenzo Gabriel has become more of a character on the show, or why we spent so much time on Holden's parent's ranch. Also, there were a few moments in the episode where there was a bit too much pause or looking back and forth at one another and it slowed things down. . Even the whole scene with coming across the Martian ship and trying to find whatever the code was didn't work for me. It felt like a forced attempt at tension that fell flat. Same with Amos and Holden's exchange of words. Overall, I was hoping for a bit more action this week. I was a little let down. I definitely had higher expectations for this episode.

Adam: I mean, don't get me wrong - it was nice to see Avasarala have something to do, even if "learn more about James Holden" isn't exactly the most high-stakes mission. And I was intrigued a bit by the insinuation that his parents were political dissidents, which is something I don't think I remember being mentioned in the books. It's nice to at least get a little background into why Holden is the idealistic person that he is. It just seemed odd to me that Avasarala would treat that kind of information as if it were the Death Star plans, or something. 

I'll also say that all the Miller stuff remains strong. I'm particularly sad that Miller's departure from Ceres to seek out Julie Mao on Eros means that's probably the last we'll see of Thomas Jane and Jared Harris playing off each other. The farewell scene between Miller and Dawes was probably the most dramatically compelling in this episode.

Cher: I'm looking forward to seeing Miller off Ceres, and I'm especially looking forward to more Fred Johnson. But, there's only a couple more episodes, so I'm curious as to how crazy things are going to get. Then again, Season 1 could end in such a crazy way that it sets up really nicely for Season 2. I'm hoping that's what will happen. 

As for Avasarala, I still feel like she was brought in a tad too early. She hasn't really added much to the story for me. 

Adam: Yeah, I get *why* they brought her in, but for me, it's been the weakest element of the show, so far. And this, the weakest episode. I just really hope that people stick with the show beyond this stretch, because, knowing what's coming, there's a lot I'm looking forward to.

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