Expect lots of cameos (and maybe Q!) in Who/Trek crossover

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Dec 16, 2012

The dream team of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Captain Picard and Doctor Who's, er, Doctor will materialize on our comic book shelves with all its crossover sci-fi goodness in May. While we're quite happy with Assimilation's choice of baddies (the Borg and Cybermen alliance) what we now really want to know is—will there be cameos, and, more importantly, will there be Q?

"It was definitely discussed," revealed Denton Tipton, one of the editors of IDW Publishing, in an interview with "So you have to check it out and see if he [Q] makes an appearance, but there will be lots of little cameos that everyone will enjoy. We got lots of little easter eggs for everyone on both sides."

Lots of little cameos and easter eggs for both Star Trek AND Doctor Who fans sounds like a smart plan made in geek heaven to us!

Star Trek has a long history of cameo appearances in its movies (Christian Slater, J.J. Abrams, the EMH, just to name a few) and Doctor Who, well, OK, Doctor Who doesn't usually DO cameo appearances (unless you count all those Trek and Star Wars references that have been peppered through the last two seasons), but we're guessing we could see those lovely pepperpots (the Daleks) showing up somewhere in the pages of this upcoming eight-part series, or maybe a Silurian or two, or even a Weeping Angel! How awesomely cool would that be?

Now, back to Q for a tiny sec.

So who, in a fight between the Doctor and Q, does Tipton think would win? (Well, he was asked.) "You know, we had a lot of debate about that and thinking if we could resolve that in the story, and we could never come to a consensus." Smart man.

Anyone want to start a wish list of possible cameos and easter eggs that'll be found in the Who/Trek crossover? Do you think Q will throw in an appearance and come to annoy the heck out of Jean-Luc and the Doctor? And will the Doctor wear a sombrero?