With expectations sky high, Deadpool sequel already in the works at Fox

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Feb 12, 2016, 1:32 AM EST (Updated)

Awesome news, everyone. Even though Deadpool won’t open in movie theaters until Friday, a sequel is reportedly already in the works.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the follow-up superhero film has already been greenlit, and 20th Century Fox is apparently really keen to keep the Deadpool creative team together, already hiring Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to pen the sequel.

Although director Tim Miller has not signed on the dotted line to helm the sequel (let's call it Deadpool 2yet, it's certainly possible he’ll also return, along with Ryan Reynolds as everyone’s favorite fourth-wall-breaking, foul-mouthed Marvel antihero, Deadpool.

Reese, Wernick, Miller and Reynolds fought tooth and nail to get the movie made, and the team stuck together through thick and thin, through hell and high water ... you get the drift. Now, just keep in mind that the news of the sequel is not officially official, but it's pretty darn close to being official.

Even though Deadpool is R-rated — thus limiting the audience able to see the comic-book movie — it’s tracking to open with at least $65 million over the Valentine’s Day weekend, with some estimates even putting the movie’s opening at $70 million. With its mid-range budget, if it hits anywhere close to that projected opening, it'll be a bona fide hit.

Deadpool opens on Feb. 14. Are you excited to learn Deadpool 2 is already in the works?

(via THR)