Watch the endings of all 26 ST:TNG Season 1 episodes in 6 minutes

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Dec 17, 2012

If you're a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, then you know there's a very common formula for ending the early episodes: course laid in, engage, and the Enterprise zips off into a field of stars. But there were many variations on that theme, as this clever supercut proves.

Here we have the final 10 seconds of every episode from TNG's first season, all 26 of them. Immediately the montage reminds you of the common threads that unite most of the ending sequences. They're almost always on the bridge, Picard, Riker and Troi are almost always kicked back in their comfy command chairs, and Geordi is almost always laying in a course to some far-off planet. But it's not as formulaic as it seems.

As the montage goes on, you begin to notice that the TNG writers were really having fun with these final moments in the show. Note the episode in which Data has to engage the warp drive because Geordi's hands are caught in a Chinese finger trap, and the time PIcard and Data return to the bridge dressed as gangsters. And then there's that time Geordi got to sit in the captain's chair himself and give the "engage" order.

Check out the montage below and relive those early days when the series was just beginning, and Star Trek on television had a long and fertile road ahead of it.

What's your favorite ending sequence?

(Via Mental Floss)