Explore the cosmos with Guardians of the Galaxy's new viral travel site

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Jul 3, 2014, 3:31 PM EDT (Updated)

Before you see the Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters, here's a chance to explore the galaxy they're ... well, guarding.

Today, Marvel Studios launched a viral site for their next superhero adventure meant to give fans an inside look at the worlds of the film with less than a month ago until its release. Billed as "Galaxy Getaways," the site is a slick, interactive web platform for an interstellar travel agency offering to whisk you away to one of three appealing destinations: the Nova Corps headquarters of Xandar, the almost-lifeless world of Morag and the underworld den run by the Collector (Benicio del Toro) known as Knowhere.

After an introductory video featuring one particularly good dig at the tourist destinations of Earth, the site gives you the chance to explore all three worlds in "Street View," check out insider travel tips, learn more about accommodations and activites on each planet and in one case even play a game where you must find Guardian of the Galaxy Groot hidden among the trees. There's also, of course, a chance for you to build your own "Intergalactic Passport" and share it with friends via social media, so don't be surprised if your Facebook feed starts filling up with mentions of this site pretty soon. The whole thing is also peppered with the kind of cocky attitude the film has used to such great effect in the trailers. The introductory video even concludes with the words "You're Welcome."

There are quite a few amusing bells and whistles, but the stars of this little show are clearly the worlds designed by Guardians director James Gunn and his team. One of the most exciting aspects of this film from the beginning has been the opportunity to see a side of the Marvel Universe we've never seen on the big screen before, and the flick certainly seems to be delivering on that. Each of the three planets has a distinct look and attitude, and the design is meticulous, from the giant head of Knowhere to the Nova Corps emblems in the sky over Xandar. To check out the whole experience, head over to the Galaxy Getaways website. Be warned, though: It'll make you even more impatient to see this movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters Aug. 1.

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