Explore a derelict ship with the NYCC test footage from upcoming Firefly videogame

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Oct 15, 2014, 12:26 PM EDT

Odds might be long for a real-life Firefly revival after all these years, but the franchise is coming back to life as an online game — and we finally have our first peek at real-life gameplay footage.

Dubbed Firefly Online, the game is being developed by QmX and has attracted back all the original talent to reprise their roles as voice actors. That’s one big checkmark in the plus column. The developers had the game on hand at New York Comic Con to talk it up, and now they’ve finally released the first bit of footage, which was shown off at the con. We were there to see it in action, and came away impressed.

It doesn’t show much in the way of actual action, following a character exploring an empty ship, but it at least shows off the solid game engine and confirms this thing isn’t total vaporware. Here’s the description for the footage: 

The game will have many kinds of encounters for players to enjoy, from  desert wildernesses to floating cities to giant automated ships you can freely explore. When it comes to derelicts, you never know what might have gotten to that tasty bit of salvage before you, and what might still be there, waiting for you to drop by … It would be a mistake to assume Firefly Online is only horses, spaceships and sidearms. There are things out there in the Black that you should sincerely hope you never run into.

While we patiently wait for an actual, playable demo, check out the footage below and let us know what you think:

(Via Geeks Are Sexy)