Explosive interactive trailer puts YOU in Super 8's train wreck

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:19 PM EDT

Portal 2 is one of gaming's most anticipated videogames, and its release today continues the adventures of Chell and her nemesis, the psychopathic AI GLaDOS. But Portal 2 also includes an astonishing extra: an interactive trailer for the upcoming movie Super 8.

In other words, you can "play" Super 8 as a very basic walk-through level.

As we know, Super 8 involves a monster that's freed from a train when the train derails. And in this trailer, we get to see the interior of that train, walk around it and zoom in on clues about the monster.

Then the train explodes, throwing you outside. You get to walk around the wreckage, avoiding the dead cows, until something bursts out of a compartment. The end.

The level is extremely simple, but it's a clever way to involve us in the world of Super 8. We're not just seeing the trailer. We're experiencing it.

Of course, you need a copy of Portal 2 to access the trailer. But we found a walk-through of it at Kotaku.

Maybe those of you who have a copy of Portal 2 can let us know what they find while rummaging through the train.

An interactive trailer is only part of the fun of Portal 2. For the past week, fans have been playing an alternate-reality game, Potato Fool's Day, that reveals secret, Portal-based levels in different videogames. In other words, you can be playing one game (say, The Ball, from Teotl Studios) and break through a wall into the world of Portal (from a completely different company, Valve).