Injured explosives expert wins 1st round of Green Lantern lawsuit

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Dec 17, 2012

The big-screen version of DC hero Green Lantern may not have exploded at the box office, but an explosives expert doing stunt work was hurt on set—and he just took Warner Bros. to task with a critical ruling in a negligence lawsuit.

Special effects expert John Franco reportedly suffered some pretty nasty injuries on set—"life long affecting injuries" as they're called in the suit—and yesterday a Judge in Los Angeles rejected the studio's attempt to dismiss the stuntman's charge.

The studio claimed they didn't "produce, oversee, or control any aspect of the Green Lantern Production," though Franco's claim and the ruling seem to prove otherwise—making the studio potentially liable. Or, as Franco's attorney Daniel Balaban put it:

"There is a reason they call it the 'Movie Business' —it's all about illusion. Warner Bros. wants this Court to believe that Warner Bros.' investment into making the Green Lantern movie was the mere writing of a check—with no oversight or say about how that money was being used—and how the movie was being made. Now, 'that's illusion.'"
According to court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Franco claims the injury happened like so, for a scene that was eventually cut from the film:
The crew decided to do a test run by having a multi-ton truck roll over. Afterwards, the truck was allegedly not in tip-top shape, with broken parts. But nevertheless, within an hour, allegedly in the interest of expediency, the crew used the same truck to roll over again. This time, debris went flying and Franco got hit, allegedly suffering numerous broken bones and "life long affecting injuries."
Obviously, the case is still in the very early stages, and will likely be settled before it actually gets to trial. But it will definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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